Rebels es el track #13 del tercer álbum de estudio del grupo pop mexicano RBD. Funcionó como introducción al cuarto álbum de estudio de los chicos; Rebels.

Letra[editar | editar código]

Christian (Alfonso):
Tu amor (tu amor)
Means the world to me
(con RBD: Estarás siempre en mi corazón
You're the one in my soul)
And I live for
Tu amor (tu amor)
Tu amor
Mi amor

Anahi, Dulce, y Maite:
Wanna play? Come on, set the game on
Can't resist the heat, it's getting too strong
Wanna play? Take two shots and let's go
I'm waiting, so waiting

See I know what's up mami
I'm a loco too if you try me
Make me a part of your party
The kinda party that we both know

Anahi y Dulce:
Dance Dance Dance
Rock Rock Rock
Roll Roll Roll
Contigo cariño mio

Did I tell you how I like it
I like everything about it
Baby, what a blessing
I've been dancing for a decade
Fell in love with it the first date
Baby there's no guessing

Christian con RBD:
I wanna be the rain
That falls on you
Washes away the pain
I wanna be the sun
That shines on you
Warms your world each day
I wanna be the sky that holds the stars for you
So you never lose your way
I wanna be the wind that kisses your face
I wanna be the rain

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